Online Apps Can Take the Stress Out of Invoicing

invoicing bookkeepingOnline invoicing software offer features that make accounts receivable quick and hassle-free. Today’s invoicing tools are sophisticated, offering both transactional capability and reporting, with dashboards and analytical tools that let you see where your money is coming from and where it’s going.

There are hundreds of products on the market, many targeted to the needs and budgets of small businesses and some specifically designed for certain industries or niche businesses. Most providers offer mobile device apps to complement their web-based products.

Many vendors offer free or very low-cost solutions to lure you into buying a subscription or introduce you to other products. When choosing an app, consider its capabilities, ease of use, ability to interface with other programs you use, training and support, along with cost. Following are a few of the top online invoicing apps for your bookkeeping:

Freshbooks: This is easy to use and integrates with other accounting and project management systems such as QuickBooks and Basecamp. In addition to standard features, it offers time-tracking and some other bells and whistles.

Invoices Made Easy: This is designed for small service trades, such as tax consultants, plumbers and landscapers. Standard features include an EasyMail service that sends invoices out by snail mail.

PaySimple: This targets merchants and focuses on recurring online payments, both invoices and payments, using credit card payments, e-checks, and online payment forms.

Simply Invoices: This is just what it says: simple.

Time59: This is designed specifically for attorney practices.

Whatever method you choose old fashion manual or automated state of the art integrated online invoicing, the importance of accounting and bookkeeping to the success of your business can not be over stated for the financial well being of your business. Balance Sheets and Income Statements should be run monthly and compared to previous years performance. After all, these reports are the road maps to controlling expenses, increasing sales which will led to sustainable profits.