Tips to Reduce the Chances of Vehicle Theft

One of the key ways to keep your auto insurance rates at low cost is to reduce the risk of theft.Reduce the Chances of Vehicle Theft

Not only does a stolen car cost you dearly in terms of time and effort, but the long-term expense associated with higher auto insurance rates (and hence not getting low cost quotes) adds insult to injury.

Unfortunately, many people underestimate the risk of having their car stolen and fail to plan accordingly.

Recent statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation indicate that the odds of having your car stolen are roughly one in 207. People who live in the city are at much higher risk than those living in rural areas.

Fortunately it’s possible to fight back against auto theft and save money at the same time.

Following are some tips to help you get started and help you keep auto insurance rates at low cost:

Search the Zip: When possible, do a search on your designated zip code. Insurance underwriters routinely use zip code data for both home and work to determine a portion of your individual risk factor. Higher property crime rates are associated with higher premiums.

Install Security Devices: Installing anti-theft devices, tracking and other security measures can act as a deterrent and money-saving measure. Discounts on premiums may offset a significant portion of the cost.

Watch Where You Park: Parking a car inside a garage is a great way to reduce the risk of auto theft as well as keep your vehicle secure. When away from home, search for a secure and well-lit area, preferably one with cameras as well as security personnel.

If you follow these tips you will keep your auto insurance rates at low cost.

For more information visit Orange County Auto Theft Statistics.