Want to Kick That Habit and Achieve Better Health? Check Out These Tips

Want to Kick That Habit?The Free Dictionary defines a habit as “a recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition.” Many bad habits do not help you achieve better health.

It also says breaking a habit, though, is “not so easy.”

Breaking a bad habit is doable, though. All you need is patience, persistence, willpower, lots of support and luck.

As noted in the Free Dictionary, habits are often unconscious. If you don’t know when, why and where they’re going to arise, they can be hard to kick. Many experts advise journalling. By writing down your habits, you find out what’s behind them and can then substitute an alternative behavior to achieve better health.

You may want to check out a professional program. You can sign up for one of several 42-day programs at www.habitchanger.com. You’ll receive daily challenges, email and text reminders, and a tracker to chart your progress.

Consider the cost – monetary or non-monetary – of your habit. Then consider paying yourself. Give yourself small rewards when you are able to push away from the table, stub out the cigarette or stop swearing in traffic. If you’re trying to break the overeating-at-dinner habit, though, don’t reward yourself with a midnight snack of cake and ice cream.

Breaking a habit can be incredibly difficult. Be kind to yourself. Zenhabits founder Leo Babauta has developed a guide for beginners at his blog at www.zenhabits.net. Working through the guide may help you keep your equilibrium while you break a habit and set yourself on the path to achieve better health.

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