Keep Your Staff Engaged and See Your Profits Rise

Keep employees happy by keeping them excitedAre your employees engaged? Are they filled with purpose, passion and dedication? Do they feel appreciated?

Studies by prominent business research and human resource consulting firms have revealed powerful links between employee engagement and corporate success. Employees who are engaged are more productive, customer-focused, safer, and less likely to malinger or to quit.

A recent report by Gallup International revealed that businesses in the top 24% of employee engagement had less turnover and significantly greater customer loyalty, profitability and revenues. The findings showed a strong correlation between engagement levels and age, role, level, tenure and trust in the organization. It pointed to training and career development opportunities as key drivers of job satisfaction.

In top-performing organizations, engagement is a strategic fundamental and a core business principle. Management’s ongoing commitment to keeping employees engaged and excited about the work they do is a daily priority. Following are some tips for keeping employees engaged:

  • Communicate expectations.
  • Create personal relationships with employees.
  • Ask for feedback, accept it graciously and express appreciation.
  • Make sure employees have the tools and training they need.
  • Train employees in problem-solving and conflict resolution.
  • Empower employees to deal with issues and resolve problems that arise.
  • Publicize success stories.
  • Reward and recognize employees in meaningful ways.
  • Talk about engagement.