Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

LinkedIn is an ideal networking tool for small and midsize businesses and solopreneurs.

There are many ways to leverage the power of LinkedIn to grow your business.

Following are some ways you can use LinkedIn effectively:

Announce News About Your Company: Update your profile with information about new product launchings, special service offerings, new locations, and other happenings or changes in your business.

Create a Link From Your LinkedIn Company Profile to Your Website and Vice Versa: This directs LinkedIn contacts to your website and also helps raise your site’s visibility on search engines such as Google.

Position Yourself as an Industry Expert: Contribute to forum discussions and answer questions from other LinkedIn users, and you will soon become known as a subject matter expert and an industry leader or even a spokesperson. This enhances your personal reputation and is great for your business.

Generate Leads: Sort your contacts by such things as industry, title or geography to obtain a targeted list of prospects. Ask these leads for recommendations and referrals as well as for their business.

Find Decision-Makers and Influencers: By looking at the job titles, you can identify the decision-makers in an organization and reach out to them directly, bypassing the gatekeepers.

Build Your Reputation: When a client is pleased with your products/services, ask for a LinkedIn recommendation.

Tap Into Expertise: Occasionally, you may have questions or need advice about best practices or certain aspects of your business. Use LinkedIn Answers to tap into the knowledge and experience of others.

Linkedin to grow business

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