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In the blink of an eye, things can change. An accident, a sudden diagnosis, a misdiagnosed ailment or any other unfortunate event can separate you from your loved ones, forever. What about your business?

Just like you would protect your loved ones, are you considering what such an event might mean to your business? Of course, we all want to do the best for our loved ones and put off thinking about such things. Dismissing such thoughts by distracting ourselves & shrouding our minds with a false sense of self-confidence. We title it – It won’t happen to ‘Me’.

For those that rely on you, life goes on. Your family has relied on you as their financial support and champion. You are and have been admired, loved, and their leader. What happens when the unexpected happens?

Planning for such a moment may seem like a burden. Would you want someone else to handle this without you? Would you not want your loved ones, employees, business partners, and associates to have the same feelings about you after you are gone?

Think about being prudent, rather than the thought of disability or death. Prudence means “being wise and practical.” The best time to plan is when you have the presence of mind to properly assist, control and drive the plan’s creation.


As a business owner, you are responsible for growing your business and ensuring your employees’ well-being. You also need to manage potential risks. Risks that may lead to tangible financial loss. Anticipate the inevitable and unknowns. Create enhanced financial security to help manage life’s planned or unplanned events. Significant financial value can be obtained with planning.  

Business benefit plans are not just for employees. Strategic planning consideration for your retirement, succession plans, and business continuity must be developed, instituted, and monitored periodically.

Ensure that all your business-related concerns are addressed, be it a partnership or corporate reasons. Life’s plans are best-handled sooner rather than later.

As an advocate for our clients, whether its planning coverage or servicing claims, your “Asset Protection, and Financial Security” ™ is a priority. We are independent insurance agents that respect budgets. Our aim is to ensure your insurance coverages are both affordable and sustainable. An insurance policy is more than a feeling of security.

Our independence allows us to work with multiple carriers in providing policy tangible coverage that evolves as your business expands and grows.

Like you, we are business owners who understand the need to meet our client’s expectations. We do that strategically and tactically aligning ourselves with carriers and industry affiliations that offer the best insurance values.

Due to the absence of readily available, concise information around business protection and life implications, we created this resource to guide and assist you and others in planning for life’s predictable and unexpected events.

We will continue to enrich our site with additional content. Pertinent information that business owners may reference. Peter’s experience, policy knowledge, and resources enable him to address your inquiries and concerns in a friendly fact-based manner that’s easy to understand.   

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