Protect Your Business Assets With Business Umbrella Insurance


What Is An Umbrella Policy?

Business owners of all types and sizes need to be aware of and understand the value of  an Umbrella Insurance Policy. An umbrella or  “excess liability policy” will add to the normal liability limits of your current policy liability limits. This additional insurance coverage will shelter the financial lose of litigation against you or your firm. To protect business assets as well as future income consider an umbrella policy.

What Will An Umbrella Policy Cost?

Umbrella rates will depend on the kind of business you operate, the assets being insured, the vulnerability of a lose, and the amount of liability coverage purchased. Excess liability coverage is an affordable addition that complements your underlying coverage. Careful consideration should be given to the amount of additional coverage you chose to purchase. Consider the value of your business assets that are at risk. Look to your financial statements for guidance. Your balance sheet assets and profit and loss statements will guide your decision as future earnings are at risk, as well.  

Who Needs Umbrella Policy?

Every business has to consider excess liability coverage. Especially when you start you business. A liability claim against your company will generally include future earnings. This policy when your budget allows should be added to your primary business policy.  There is a common misconception that an umbrella policy is for big business. In actual practice, most small and middle level business benefit more from excess liability coverage. Don’t risk your business, earnings and personal assets. An umbrella policy provides increased protection in the event of a claim, allegation, lawsuit and judgement.

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