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What is a Surety Bond? 

Surety bonds provide the customer with a guarantee to complete the contracted work. Commonly referred to as “completion” or “performance” bonds. Surety bonds are often a requirement for public and private contracts. Surety companies offer bonds for purchase for businesses typically found through an insurance agent.

Why a Surety Bond? 


  1. Performance.
  2. Payment to suppliers and subcontractors.
  3. Completion of the contract.

Commercial Bonds

  • License and Permit Bond
  • Court Bond
  • Customs Bond
  • Commercial Performance Bond
  • Most other Commercial Bonds

Contract Surety Bonds

  • Performance
  • Labor & Material Payment
  • Bid Bond
  • Maintenance Bond
  • Supply Bond
  • Wage & Welfare Bond

Uncategorized Bonds

  • Municipal Permit & License
  • State Permit & License
  • Probate
  • Public Officials Surety
  • Notary Errors & Omissions
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Janitorial Services

Oil/Gas/Energy Bonds

  • Plugging & Abandonment
  • Right of Way
  • Permit
  • Energy Construction Performance
  • Excise Tax
  • Most energy-related bonds

In addition to your commercial business insurance, we can get bonds for almost any need. Business Security and Fidelity Bonds California All Business Requirement

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  • Propriety 
  • Market ERISA
  • Financial
  • Mutual Fund
  • Excess Coverage
  • Commercial Crime

Fidelity Bonds – Can be blanket or scheduled to a specific person, position, or place. This type of bond protects against employees’ dishonesty for losses —fraudulent acts of particular person(s) and to a specified limit.

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