Homeowners & Automotive

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Our home, car and personal belongings are our among our largest and most important assets. Personal lines insurance is designed to protect you  from the financial consequences should there be an unforeseen mishap or accident.Your consideration should include valuations for replacement costs and liability to others. 
In case of a significant or minor incident with the correct  personal lines insurance protection may handle much of the financial issues getting  you back on your feet quickly.

High Value Homes – Beach Property – Tsunami – Flood – Earthquake – Liability

Life Insurance

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We research policies offered by local, regional & national insurance companies in an effort to find you coverage at a price that fits your budget and maintaining the coverage you would like to own for your finacial security and protection.
Life insurance in it’s simplest form protects your loved one’s from financial ruin of an unexpected death. Having a mortgage, sending kids to college, providing financial support for others are among the more common reasons to purchase life insurance.
Life insurance companies generally require a simple in home medical evaluation before final approval. Two key factors used in determining the cost of your life insurance policy are age and current medical condition and personal family medical history . The better your health the lower the cost.  If you are serious about life insurance, the sooner you decide to apply and have your  physical exam,  the quicker the true cost of your insurance will be determined.
    Additional Personal Lines
  • Art and Collections
  • Jewelry Floaters
  • Vacation Homes and Rental Property
  • Boat, Watercraft, RV’s
  • Excess Umbrella Asset Protection