One of the many insurance policies that will help protect your business is a commercial property insurance which is put together in a way that will provide coverage for the physical loss or damage to your insured property. Commercial property insurance usually covers buildings, indoor and outdoor fixtures, signs, machinery, equipment, furniture, merchandise and other property used in your business.

When considering such a policy, you need to make sure that you work with an insurance company that will help you understand limits, coverage and deductibles so that you can make the right choice for your business. Your policy can and should be customized to meet your needs and that of your business where you can choose a Basic, Broad or Special causes of loss forms keeping in mind that the coverage for any property loss (except losses that were excluded) is included in the Special Form. Do not assume that damages caused by Earthquake, Flood, Wind and Hail for example are automatically covered by your plan. Check the exclusion clause and be clear on what you need when talking to your insurance agent.

You can work with an insurance appraisal company to identify the cost to rebuild your building for an insurable value. Visit our Business Property Insurance page to learn more about Property and Other Insurance Coverage that are available for you and your business.