Do You Use Vehicles In The Course Of Business?

Owning a business involves many levels of liability. As you may have read in our previous blogs, different kinds of business insurances are required in order to protect your company, assets, employees and yourself. Commercial vehicle insurance is one type of coverage that you need to consider for your business as well.

What Is Commercial Insurance Business?Business Commercial Vehicle Insurance For Samll Business

Commercial vehicle insurance includes liability coverage for cost and situations that are not covered by a personal auto policy.  Also known as commercial auto/truck/car/fleet insurance, this coverage would include a variety of vehicles.


What Are Some Risks To Be Concerned With?

A commercial vehicle insurance may include coverage for:

  • Bodily injury liability
  • Property damage liability
  • Medical payment
  • Personal injury
  • Physical damage beyond collision
  • Uninsured and under-insured motorists
  • Collision
  • Specified causes for damage resulting from fire, theft, earthquake, sinking, and more
  • Non-owned auto
  • Non-owned damage

As you look into an insurance company to help with your commercial vehicle insurance needs, keep in mind these factors including:

  • Types of vehicles the company would insure.
  • The quality of service and customer support.
    The available resources of the company to timely pay your claims.
    Competitive rate factors and coverage forms.

There Are Other Things?

Another crucial element that you need to be aware of is the commercial auto symbols. These are numbers on your policy’s cover page with a special meaning that represent the type of covered vehicle including liability or the vehicle’s ownership status. Such symbols are split into two categories: liability coverage auto symbols,  and physical damage coverage auto symbols.

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