commerial-droneCommercially operated drones, also known as UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, are aircrafts that operate without a pilot on board and are used for commercial purposes. Instead of a human pilot, drones are driven either by remote control or by the drone’s own computer system. Commercial drones are used for everything from delivering products, public service initiatives and farming to photography and news gathering.

Can I Get My Commercial Drones Insured?

Because they are a new part of the business landscape, the subject of insurance for commercially operated drones is still very confusing and is constantly evolving. But the simple answer is yes, you can insure your use of commercially operated drones. But there are some rules in doing so.

First of all, drones must be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and their pilot must have an FAA airman certificate. But, in addition, a Section 333 grant of exemption is required, which also provides the drone operator with the limitations of this exemption. The last thing needed to commercially operate a drone is a Certificate of Waiver of Authorization, which is essentially authorization from the Air Traffic Control Organization.

What Types of Insurance Are Available for Commercial Drones?

There are three major types of policies for insurance for commercially operated drones.

  • Liability insurance: Intended to protect your company in case your drones injure someone or destroy someone’s property, liability insurance is a type your business may already have—especially if you produce any sort of product. Depending on your drone and experience flying it, liability insurance premiums for commercial drones can vary.
  • Hull insurance: This type of insurance protects your equipment. Both the drone itself and the camera can be damaged if the UAV crashes so if your set-up is expensive, you’ll want to have insurance to replace it.
  • Privacy insurance: When you’re accused of things like invasion, intrusion or infringement of privacy because of your commercial drones, privacy insurance can help. These policies can also assist in paying related fines or penalties.

While there is still a lot to be learned about insurance for commercially operated drones, businesses can consult a professional insurance agent to learn more and get their questions answered. For more information, call Peter Green at (714) 258-2800 today.