If you have your own business vehicle, skip the standard auto insurance and look into business automotive insurance, a policy type that provides various types of coverage for commercial vehicles.

Here are the different types of business automotive insurance that you may consider purchasing for your vehicle.



  • Auto liability: This type of insurance deals with injury as well as property damage, protecting the insured from being liable.
  • Medical payments: As long as the vehicle is insured, medical payments insurance covers fees related to injury—even for passengers.
  • Collision coverage: Beyond the deductible, collision coverage protects against the loss or damage to an insured vehicle.business auto insurance
  • Comprehensive coverage: This type of insurance covers damage other than that resulting from a collision.
  • Non-owned auto coverage: You’ll need this type of insurance if you plan to allow employees to use a vehicle for business-related purposes. It protects against both injury and property damage.
  • Non-owned physical damage: Vehicles that are rented specifically for business purposes are covered under this type of policy, providing protection against property damage.
  • Uninsured motorist: In accidents with uninsured drivers, uninsured motorist insurance pays for damages for resulting injuries.
  • Pollution: This type of insurance covers business vehicles that transport chemicals in case of a spill.
  • Towing: Towing insurance can be purchased for towing insured business vehicles.
  • Rental car coverage: In the case of loss of a business vehicle, rental car coverage pays the rental car fees.

There are various types of business vehicles; whether you’re trying to cover those that your own, those that you don’t own or all vehicles, there are many different policies to choose from. Learn more about the types of business automotive insurance by scheduling a consultation with expert Peter Green. With a wealth of experience, he can help answer your questions and provide you with the information needed to make an informed decision.

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