Whether you are already well on your way to realizing your dream of starting a small business or you are simply entertaining the idea at some point in the future, one component of operating a successful small business that simply cannot be overlooked is small business insurance.

Insurance is a confusing topic and one that often sends new business owners into a state of panic. After all, personal insurance products are confusing enough, right? The good news is that finding the right insurance products for your small business doesn’t have to be difficult at all.


As a general rule, every small business should carry at least four types of insurance including property insurance, general liability insurance, business vehicle insurance, and workers compensation insurance. Each of these insurance products plays an integral role in keeping your business safe from potentially costly liability claims that could result from conducting daily business operations. Even if you have done nothing wrong, small business owners often pay thousands – sometimes even millions – of dollars in legal fees just to defend against a claim. And that doesn’t even include any judgements your business may be ordered to pay as a result of a claim!

Luckily, the business insurance products listed above protect your business by covering the costs of legal defense and in most cases, even the cost of any judgements you are required to pay.

Keep in mind that the insurance products listed above should be considered the bare minimum for any small business. Depending on the nature of your business, there may be other insurance products applicable to your situation as well. Even if you operate a small home-based business, you may need additional liability insurance that extends beyond what your existing homeowner’s insurance policy covers.

The absolute best way to find out what small business insurance products are right for your business is to consult with a professional insurance agent.

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