How Customer Comments Can Be Your Best Marketing

Customer opinions best for insuranceCustomer testimonials are a terrific way to promote your business.

For small or start-up businesses in particular, positive testimonials from customers who are willing to put themselves out there for you offer proof positive to other potential buyers that you are worthy of their business.

Customer comments add credibility to almost any business marketing message, and in most cases they cost virtually nothing to obtain.

From the time you launch your business, you should aggressively focus on marketing by seeking feedback from customers.  Begin to compile a file of letters and emails with comments, anecdotes and case studies that showcase how your product, service or employees went beyond expectations or helped solve a problem.

If your business is mentioned favorably in the media, quote from the story. Be sure to get written permission to use quotes from blogs, articles, letters, emails or any other comments you receive as testimonials.

The most powerful testimonials are detailed, specific and not too long. It’s best to use real names and titles, affiliations and locations.

In ads and on your website or blog, keep comments short and set them off clearly with quotation marks, contrasting colors or italics. If the comments are worded awkwardly, ask if you can edit them so they read better.

Whenever possible, have photos to accompany the testimonials that are provided to you.  Social media is a great way to get testimonials and create customer/user-prospect interaction.  Spread your customer comments about your business around on social media marketing sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.