Cyber crime is on the rise.

That’s hardly news. Almost weekly, we’re hearing of a major breech somewhere in the world, the credit card information of millions lost in a matter of seconds. We watch and, usually, breathe a sigh of relief that ours isn’t among them. But in between those headlines lies a developing story that’s every bit as disturbing: We’re all vulnerable. Hackers come in all sizes, as do their targets.

If you’re feeling somewhat safe simply because you operate a relatively small business with a relatively minimal online presence, you shouldn’t. That’s not to scare you. It’s just the reality of our day. The best defense is a cyber crime and website, tech and media insuranceproactive one. Actually, since no firewall appears invincible and no victim too small, cyber crime insurance may be the best defense.

A data breech will bring any business to its knees, but cyber liability insurance will ensure that it’s not a death knell. It will cover income lost as a result of the attack, whether it be directly to your business or to a service provider, such as a Web host. It will also pay for the expenses that stem from the attack, like the cost of restoring lost or corrupted data.

The attacks don’t only come in the form of a hit-and-run. Increasingly, sites and networks are being commandeered in exchange for a ransom. And small businesses are a popular target because they’re perceived as lacking the means to ward them off. Cyber insurance will often cover the settlement and the cost of employing a security outfit to track down the extortionist.

The thought of a virtual attack, when it could come from anywhere at any time, is enough to cripple anyone. And though the hackers may forever remain ahead of the technology, there is protection that you can depend on.