In the age of rampant hacking, online insurance can mean all the difference.

In this age of rampant hacking, regardless of the type or scope of your business, you can easily become the victim of cyber crime. A small shop—credit card transactions are accessed, critical data is lifted and used all over the world before the act is even detected—is just as vulnerable as a corporation—databases are breeched and corrupted within seconds.

The best-case scenario: Operations come to a screeching halt for days on end. The worst-case: Customers’ Cyber crime & website, tech and media insurancetrust erodes and the costs of recovering become insurmountable.

Because hacking has become a part of our everyday vocabulary, it’s easy to understate its impact. But businesses are falling every day because of it. And it occurs swiftly—overnight, literally—and without notice. Even if the immediate damage is minimal, the aftershocks are usually not. As long as you maintain personal information, either that of your employees or your customers, you are responsible for it. Any dissemination without their agreement leaves you liable for damages incurred as a result. That figure tends to escalate quickly.

Cyber liability insurance will protect your business from costly claims from the likes of banks and creditors. Plus, cyber crime insurance will, in most instances, cover the costs of restoring lost or corrupted data and getting your systems back and running.

Denial-of-service attack and lost-income coverage kicks in if you lose revenue after a cyber attack, or when a service provider, such as a Web host, is shut down by a cyber attack, has a glitch or goes out of business. It also helps pay for the costs of restoring valuable data and repairing systems.

Typically, a general liability policy excludes losses incurred as a result of the Internet, so cyber liability insurance can mean the difference between saving and losing your business.

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