When you are selecting an auto insurance policy, there are many different types of insurance to consider. While some are important to one person, another person may be looking for something completely different. It’s important to explore each of your options, which is best done by consulting a professional insurance agent who can discuss each plan in depth.

Read on for a general overview of the auto insurance options available.

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One of the most important types of auto insurance is Bodily Injury Insurance. It provides monetary support to other involved parties when you are at fault in an accident. While this usually includes the passengers of the car you hit, it can also include pedestrians. It is most typically used to pay for medical expenses (including funeral costs), but is also used to make up for the other individuals’ loss of income or pain and suffering. Bodily Injury Insurance can also be used for your legal fees should a lawsuit be filed against you.

Collision Insurance is another popular type that most drivers seek. Whether you were at fault or not, Collision Insurance helps cover the costs of damages to your car as well as any other vehicle involved in the crash. It can also involve damage to objects like bridges or light poles.

Another type of insurance you’ll want to consider is Comprehensive Insurance, which covers damage to your vehicle that is not caused by a collision. Many things fall under this category including severe weather like tornadoes, natural disasters like floods or fires, vandalism and even the damage that can arise from hitting an animal. While collision coverage tends to be more important, Comprehensive Insurance is also a great thing to have.

Finally, there is Uninsured and Under-insured Driver Insurance. Just like it sounds, this kind of coverage provides for damage that occurs from motorists who are not properly insured or whose coverage can’t fix all of the damage that has occurred.

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