When the time comes to buy insurance, be it auto, home, or any other type of policy, often times we tend to focus on the financial elements of the purchase when making our buying decision. The question most frequently asked by insurance purchasers while evaluating a policy is what are my monthly premiums and what will my deductible be when making a claim. It’s important to understand; however, that knowing what is covered by your insurance policy is the most vital consideration in determining the right insurance coverage for you.

Understanding Your Insurance

do you understand your insurance coverages

Take, for example, homeowner’s insurance. You will need to understand what types of damage or liabilities are covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy and, even more importantly, under what circumstances those conditions are covered. For instance, certain weather related damages may not be covered by homeowner’s insurance policies dependent upon your policy’s specific terms and conditions. In the case of auto insurance, your policy may limit your coverage if you are proved to be the person who caused the accident. Or, in the case of both home and auto insurance, if you file too many claims during a certain period of time your coverages may be limited. If you do not know how your insurance policies function in the examples listed above, it may be time to revisit your policies, evaluate what coverage’s you have, and make sure your current policies meet your needs for both protection and cost effectiveness.


Reviewing Your Policy and Making Changes

Once you’ve reviewed your insurance policies personally, taking your existing coverage’s to an experienced insurance agent for a consultative review of the terms and conditions of each policy is a good step in making the right decisions when it comes to your personal insurance policy needs. An insurance agent can educate you as to gaps in coverage that may need to be adjusted and will have the savvy to negotiate the best premium and deductible conditions with their stable of preferred insurance providers.

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