Congratulations, you are doomed!

Every man for himself, right? Wrong! In business, when you employ others, you are taking on more than just the responsibility of providing a salary in return for their service.  Employees rarely vocalize the fact directly; however, unconsciously and subliminally look to you for security and well-being. When you add unique benefits beyond ordinary compensation expectations, you send relevant messages to your “business” family. 

If you haven’t thought of or looked into these surprisingly affordable extra benefits, you should. When you take good care of your employees, they, in turn, take better care of you, your business, and your client base. Retention, performance, and loyalty are measurable improvements you will gain. 

Overwhelming, costly, hard to implement, and maintain?  Taking care of your employees is easier than you think.

The Happiness Factor.

According to, “employees who feel valued and appreciated by their leaders are infinitely more likely to go above and beyond for the company.”  On average, employees whose work is recognized are happier and therefore, more dedicated to both current and future projects. The most recent study by a respected carrier Annual US Employee Benefits Study 2019 found the happiest employees at work are more satisfied with their job, loyal, engaged, productive, and successful.

So how can you do it? Taking steps to show them you care has proven to be a worthwhile endeavor. Happier employees result in a more positive work environment for all leading in a better-run business.

 Take Care of Your Employees.

  • Get to know them personally. Learn their hobbies, ask about their families, and be open to lending an ear, or even a shoulder, when they are going through tough times. While you may be their boss, it’s essential to show them you don’t see yourself as being “above” them. Leadership requires an active role, so don’t be afraid to get on their level, so to speak, and prove you’ve been in their shoes.
  • Support and take them at their word. Showing your employees, you trust their judgment and acknowledge their experiences is the basis of mutual respect. If an employee has a problem with a client, or worse, an abusive client, don’t be afraid to back them up. While we often tout “the customer is always right,” there are times when the customer is just a jerk. Show your employees you have their back in these situations, whether it means severing ties with an annoying unprofitable client or just opening your door to the employee to vent.
  • Set realistic expectations. Don’t set the bar to an unreasonable height. If you expect goals to be met that are impossible for most, you are essentially setting your employees, and business, up to fail. While it’s important to push your employees and yourself to tackle challenges, be sure to be reasonable.
  • Be open to their help. An employee may have a creative solution for a problem that’s had you stymied, but you’ll never know if you don’t ask them. Just as you should encourage your employees to open up to you about their hurdles, don’t be afraid to approach them with business setbacks where appropriate. Crowdsourcing ideas can be both helpful and community-building activities.
  • Take care of them. Beyond agreed to compensation, providing benefits is the number one step you can take to support your employees. More and more employers are adding group life insurance to their benefits package, and for a good reason. 

According to, more than 35% of households “feel a negative financial impact” within one month of the primary wage earner’s passing. Providing employees with a life insurance option not only gives them peace of mind but also protects their family from financial collapse should they pass.

Families that lose their principal earner, not only have to cover funeral costs and any final arrangements, but also have to make up for lost wages while continuing to offset daily expenses and prepare for long-term financial commitments like children’s schooling costs.

By providing life insurance, you are ensuring your employees’ families don’t suffer losses in addition to the loss of their loved ones.

Providing group life insurance as a part of your benefits package protects your employees, but it also can help you attract and retain employees. Individuals conducting the job search are often most interested in a position’s benefits. By providing life insurance, you may be securing more applications from prospective candidates.

Considered Group Life Insurance.

Some employers, especially small business owners, believe that offering life insurance to employees is the opposite of a budget-friendly move, and they couldn’t be more wrong. “About sixty percent of all people in the United States were covered by some type of life insurance,” according to LIMRA’s 2018 Insurance Barometer Study. Group life insurance accounts for approximately 25% of people’s coverage, while individual policies cover only 28% million. There are several ways to ensure affordability when it comes to taking care of your employees, including but not limited to:

  • The amount you pay for the policy. You can cover all, some, or none of the premium. Many employers choose to share the costs of the premium with their employees.
  • The type of policy you offer. Permanent vs. term life insurance. Typically, group policies are term life insurance, which costs less.
  • The type of additional benefits offered. Offerings benefits to your employees, such as health, dental, or vision insurance, may be quite low for the value you are adding. 

In the end, an independent agency with an experienced adviser will provide you with an insurance carrier that can offer you a variety of choices. They may be able to create a customized policy for your particular budget and goals. 

Remember, many insurance policies have the potential to reduce your overall taxes and have a significant bearing on your employee’s future and how they value your company. People don’t leave jobs  – they leave management. Being in the position of affecting the lives of your employees and taking positive steps to keep them and their families in mind goes a long way in ensuring loyalty as well as, you are motivating employees to do their best, every time, every day. 

Work with a benefits agency that values you and your business. Questions? Peter Green Insurance Agency  LLC has answers and solutions. Let us get you — and your employees — the benefits to enhance their financial security. We’ll help you navigate the various options for group life insurance and narrow them down to what works best for you and your business.

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