Business Liability Insurance-Smart Choice For Businesses Big & Small



Business liability insurance, no matter what the size of your business, is a wise choice to protect yo Evaluating Business and Professional Liability Insuranceur company from potential liabilities. Liability insurance offers a wide variety  of coverage options which you can tailor to meet the specific needs or risks to your company and assets. Additionally, business insurance is cost effective and provides financial security and peace of mind for a reasonable price to fit your business budget.

8 Types Of Coverage Protection   

A claim, charge or accusation against you by a customer.
A claim, charge or accusation of an associate or employee.
A claim, charge or accusation by a customer or client who you sell to.
A claim, charge or accusation by a client you serve.
A claim, charge or accusation that you recommended to another.
A claim, charge or accusation of work you provided on behalf of another.
A claim, charge or accusation an error as a director or officer of a company.
A claim, charge or accusation of negligence.

Business liability insurance can even be expanded to include coverage for company vehicles. Construction or business fidelity and surety binds beyond minimums required by laws or regulations. The coverages are endless. Inquire about your industry risks and experiences.

Evaluating Business Liability Insurance

The evaluation of business liability insurance should be handled just as you would any of your other business decisions – with thoughtful evaluation of your risks, options, costs to benefit analysis. Reach out to trusted advisors or business contemporary you know.  A good move is to include a licensed insurance professional especially for anew business.  An insurance agent is strategic advisor like a lawyer or accountant. Four primary people that leads you to success. You, your insurance agent, lawyer, and financial person. An insurance agent will have the expertise, resources, and access to multiple insurance providers necessary to achieve the most practical coverages, levels of protection or limits, and best possible price. A good “independent” agent may provide you with quotes from multiple carriers.

Profession’s That Need Professional Liability Insurance*

  • Technology Insurance: IT Consulting; Development-Website, Software; Designers-Project, Systems; Support-Security, Hardware/Software Install, Medical Devices.
  • Consulting Insurance: Business, Management, Education, Life Coaches, Event Planners, Marketing, Research, Public Relations, and Labs.
  • Real Estate Insurance: Agent, Broker, Property Management, Auctioneer’s, Consultants, Project Managers, and Appraisers.
  • Creative Insurance: Graphics, Photography, Design, Advertising, Branding, Authors, Producers, and Promoters.
  • Profession’s: Architects, Engineers, Lawyers, Tax Preparers, Interior Design, Inspectors, Transportation, Instructors, and Financial, Agents.
    *Partial List Call For Specifics

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