Umbrella Insurance – Coverage that Makes Sense

The unexpected can happen and just like the protection an umbrella provides during an unforeseen rain storm, umbrella insurance can provide protection in cases where you have gaps in policy coverage or can provide additional coverage in the face of of significant liabilities. Additionally, umbrella insurance is unique in that it often times provides protection for claims traditionally not covered in standard insurance policies.

In the case of an individual umbrella insurance policy, you can receive financial coverage beyond the terms of your traditional auto or home policy if a large claim or liability were to arise. Another example of the Umbrella Policybenefits of an individual umbrella insurance policy is extra claim coverage to protect your financial interests in the case of legal actions which might result from a significant car accident or other similar incident.

Similarly, with business umbrella insurance coverage, the umbrella insurance protection extends to cover large claims and instances of crisis such a lawsuit or property damage to a business location. Often times business umbrella insurance will allow claims for the cost of additional resources to assist a business in managing a crisis, such as coverage for legal expenses or public relations and marketing expenses.

Whether your need for umbrella insurance is personal or business related, the extra protection which umbrella insurance provides at a nominal cost makes sense and allows for the peace of mind that a large claim will not create an unmanageable financial situation for you, your family, or your business.

Evaluating the Right Umbrella Insurance Policy for You

Understanding the coverage options available with umbrella insurance and how they fit with your existing policy can prove to be a complicated buying decision. Choosing to work with our insurance agents experienced in  handling umbrella insurance policies can make selecting the right policy a much easier process.

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