A comprehensive General Liability Insurance policy should be developed to take care of broad coverage for liability to other persons. While in general, such a policy usually covers liabilities for personal injuries or property damage caused to others, it is important to understand the type of comprehensive general liability insurance you require and to be clear on the common elements and exclusions of such policy.

You can expand your coverage protection through Endorsements. While you can consider a specialized form of liability insurance to cover a specific scope, you may want to look into the possibility of paying an additional premium for an Endorsement which will amend your general liability policy to cover a standard exclusion.

It is crucial to understand that your general liability policy might cover liability ONLY during the policy period, which means that your coverage will protect you against any claims resulting from personal injuries or property damage that happen while the policy is in effect. A lapse in your policy coverage means a window of vulnerability where you are not covered.

You also need to be aware that damages that are considered to be subjectively expected or intended by the insured will be excluded from your coverage. In order for a damage to be considered expected or intended, the insurance company must prove what the insured party was thinking at the time of the occurrence or incident.