Peter Green Insurance Agency LLC is one of a small number of agencies currently authorized to sell the California Partnership for Long-Term Care insurance plan throughout California

long-term-careThis unique plan was established in partnership with the insurance industry to assist individuals if they ever need long term care. Long term care can be expensive and can quickly exhaust savings. You may even need to sell your home to cover the costs. Long term care insurance can protect you and your assets by paying the majority of the costs when you are hurt, ill or disabled for a long period of time.

Need to know facts about your long term care risk:

    • Medicare will not cover most of your costs.
  • Medigap and Medicare Supplements do not cover these costs.
  • Health Insurance does not cover these costs.
  • Nursing home care in California costs up to $250 PER DAY.

The bottom line: You will have to pay for your care. We urge you to develop a plan, with your family, on how you will manage such a situation. A Long Term Care Insurance Policy should be an integral part of any financial plan.

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