As an insurance agent in Orange County, California, I’ve received a summary of the just passed healthcare insurance reform bill. The information to sort through is substantial. Many of the reform’s changes do not take place for several years.  Here’s what to expect in 2010.

  • Individuals and employer groups will not be forced to change their current Health Insurance Plans.
  • A high risk pool for individuals with pre-existing conditions will be established.
  • Eligible small business will receive a tax credit to purchase health insurance for their employees.
  • Health insurance companies will not be able to cancel your coverage once they have issued your policy.
  • Increased Preventive Care coverage.
  • Incentives for employers to provide wellness programs.
  • All new plans will cover pre-existing conditions for children under 19.
  • Employers that provide a Medicare Part D subsidy with have an immediate accounting impact.
  • Temporary re-insurance program for employers providing retire benefits.
  • Group plans can not favor highly paid employees.
  • Lifetime limits on coverage will be eliminated on new insurance plans.
  • All plans will cover dependents to age 26.

Source: Los Angeles Times and Kaiser Family Foundation