Summer Weather and Your Home Insurance

It’s officially the start of summer and the seasonal signatures of balmy temperatures and sunny skies are also marked by variable weather conditions. The summer season is fraught with weather related incidents that can impact your home and possibly inflict damage, from high winds, heavy rains, flood, drought, wildfires, and more. In 2016 alone, according to statistics from the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA), extreme weather incidents caused $53.5 billion dollars in damage. The question then becomes, are your home and assets protected from weather related damage via your homeowners insurance policy and what does your homeowners insurance policy cover in regards to weather related incidents.


Understanding What is Covered by Your Homeowners why you need property management insurance in orange county californiaInsurance

Most homeowners insurance policies provide coverage for damage to your home incurred by common incidents of weather such as rain, heavy winds, hail, sleet, and lightning, among others. The specific amount of insurance coverage you receive is based on your individual policy and is comprised of an analysis of your home’s value and the value of the contents within the home, conducted by your insurance provider at the time coverage is secured. For specific weather related incidents, such as flood or wildfire in high threat regions, you may be required to purchase an additional rider policy to protect your home if such an incident were to occur.


Working with a Trusted Insurance Agent Promises the Best Protection

With so many variables impacting your coverage, it is important to work with a trusted insurance agent when securing homeowners insurance or evaluating the existing coverage you already have for your home. An insurance agent can guide you as to what weather related occurrences will most commonly need to be covered, what the appropriate level of protection should be, and which deductible level is most appropriate for your needs and budget.

Ultimately, the right homeowners insurance coverage and the expertise of a seasoned insurance professional can give you the peace of mind necessary to focus on the best of summer with the knowledge that you are protected if the season’s more extreme weather comes your way.

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