Here are Some Ways to Set up Your Company’s Employees for Success

An organization’s culture is the shared values and practices of its owners, managers and employees.  Culture is reflected in visible symbols.Here are Some Ways to Set up Your Company's Employees for Success

Such symbols include everything from the firm’s logo and signage to its marketing materials and premises.  Symbols also include less-tangible factors such as the way people dress and talk, how they treat each other, and how they interact with customers and vendors.

Smart business leaders seek to create a culture that is closely aligned to the firm’s strategic goals and to inculcate cultural tenets through both formal policies and daily practices.  This starts with a mission statement that sets out the stated vision and values.

Physical space is important too.  If the culture is about innovation and creativity, work areas should be open so that people can exchange ideas and work together.

Getting employees engaged in a company’s culture with their heads, hearts and hands is largely dependent on leadership’s focus and commitment.  The best way to build and reinforce organizational culture is through behavior and role modeling.

If employees see that their leaders care about customers, they’ll begin to adopt a customer-focused culture.

If they see managers demonstrating that care about employees, they will emulate that behavior and internalize that value.

A strong company culture motivates people to work hard, take pride in the business and assume responsibility for the firm’s success.

Make sure to follow these tips and you will set up your company for success. Both employees and clients want to be associated with this kind of company.