Should You Consider Video Surveillance?

As a small-business owner, the idea of video surveillance may or may not appeal to you. It is an affordable deterrent that can help reduce the risk of theft and possibly reduce your insurance premiums. But is it really a good idea?Video Monitoring Sign

Following are some of the pros and cons of using video surveillance for your small business:


  • Increases productivity by monitoring who is working and when.
  • Enables owners to reward productive workers and redirect nonproductive workers.
  • Decreases risk of theft by clients and employees. Research shows that nearly 75% of employees admit to committing a job-related theft at least once.
  • Reduces the threat of violence or misconduct. Workplace-related violence, harassment and other misconduct are on the rise. It’s also a potentially expensive source of litigation.
  • Provides support for adverse decisions such as firing or suspending an employee. Having positive proof such as a receipt combined with video feed dramatically decreases the ability of an employee to claim discrimination or some other form of malpractice.
  • Provides the ability to spot areas in need of improvement or retraining. Replacing an employee is expensive and time-consuming. Instead, use video surveillance to monitor progress and perform spot checks. It’s a great way to target areas in need of improvement without being invasive.
  • Saves money on insurance. It’s often possible to save between 10% and 20% on insurance when using a properly installed video surveillance system.


  • Transparency and notification laws vary from state to state. Most employers opt to inform employees about the use of video surveillance up front. Hidden cameras have led to unfair labor law violations and associated legal challenges.
  • Employees may resent the intrusion. Not everyone appreciates having every move monitored.
  • Disgruntled employees may have reduced morale or even resent a perceived intrusion into other areas of their life, like personal phone calls or conversations that take place at work.
  • Videos tend to be viewed as very strong evidence for, or against, a given situation. Make sure you fully understand the proper process of reporting and reviewing incidents prior to installing video surveillance.

More Affordable

As the cost of technology continues to decrease, the ease and affordability of video surveillance make it an even more attractive way to reduce insurance rates, decrease misconduct and increase employee productivity.

Speak to your agent to find out how much you can save by installing a video surveillance system.