Does the trashing of a college education hold water?college graduate makes an additional half a million dollars more

If we look at the numbers, it may be that higher education is in for a rough ride this decade.

More than 57% of adults don’t see the North American system of higher education as worth the money, according to a study by the Pew Research Center.

And even those most biased of sources – college presidents – also have their doubts about the value of this country’s post secondary education system. Only 19% believe the North American system is the best in the world, and even more telling, only 7% believe it will be the best in the world 10 years from now.

The trashing of a college education is one of those “fashionable” ideas that may or may not hold water.

The studies and articles, though, could prove a self-fulfilling prophecy, and at the end of the decade, we may find ourselves in a higher education enrollment crisis.

On the other hand, there are still those who think a college education is worth the money.

A full 74% of college graduates believe their post secondary education was useful in increasing their knowledge and helping them grow intellectually, while 55% think a college education helped their careers.

But perhaps the last word should go to the Pew researchers.

They found that a typical college graduate makes an additional half a million dollars more over a 40-year career than the average high school graduate.