Website and Cyber Liability

The decade long explosion of the world wide web is creating a new and broadening liability to individuals, families, and business.

Emails, social media, and websites all create an increasing array of exposure to risk of lawsuit. Cruising around the web with its undeniable freedom to write and think later might be akin to roaming around town during the wild west of the 19th century. You never know when someone might take a shot at you.

Almost everyone and every enity from private business to governments to your family members has a website or is doing something on the web. From conducting commerce to simple emails the risks are varied as there are species of bugs.

Protect your your Assets.

What they do not have is liabiity insurance coverage in most instances for mistakes that can be made on postings, or pricing or………he risks of

What? Why? When? How?

This limited list from a major carrier speaks to the types of situations, persons, business groups,

  • Proprietary On-line Services
  • Internet Access Providers
  • Web Site Developers, Designers and Consultants
  • Web Hosts and Administrators
  • Web Site Owners
  • Bulletin Board, Chat Room, Forum and News Group Hosts
  • Cyberspace Software Developers
  • Interactive Electronic Environments
  • Internet Content Providers
  • Intranet/Network/Extranet Hosts
  • Managers & Consultants
  • Search Engine Providers
  • Electronic Commerce Providers