Peter Green is an Independent Broker serving Anaheim, California.

Peter’s clients range from young recently married, families with dependents, and key person for business needs. Estate planning and retirement income are also areas in which an independent agent can benefit you.

Having access to 50 companies allows Peter to obtain multiple proposals from which you can decide. A significant advantage over in house sales personnel.

Common Policy Types:
Term, Universal Life (UL), Whole Life, Permanent
Lesser known life policy type include limited pay, endowments, accidental death, group, senior as well as policies that have participation, annuity, accidental and bonds.

Life insurance can be confusing especially if it’s your first policy. Peter will patiently take you through the process with simple explanations and a friendly approach.

Life insurance is a binding contract, so before you buy, examine the documents carefully. Purchase a policy that fits your needs and, importantly, your budget.

Today, there are many resources available to obtain insight in regards to  life insurance information. However,  purchasing from a knowledgeable independent agent still remains the your most adventitious way to purchase insurance. Why? Not A Captive. An experience will get you quotes and offers from multiple  insurance companies based on your specific requirements, often competing against each other for your policy.

Call Peter, (714) 258-2800. You Will Be Pleased With The Results. Send Us A Quick Note.