How Long-Term Home Care Insurance Can Keep You at Home Longer

Home Healthcare InsuranceWhen people think of long-term care, they often have images of drab nursing homes where the patients are unable to do any type of activity or have social interaction. And while this may have been the case many years ago, long-term care has come a long way today.

At present, there are roughly 10 million Americans in need of some type of long-term care. What many don’t realize is that more than 7.5 million of those individuals are actually receiving the care that they need in their own homes. In fact, many people purchase long-term home care insurance to help keep them out of a nursing home.

Most of today’s long-term care insurance policies offer a home healthcare option. By including this feature, an individual will likely retain the ability to take part in as many of his or her normal daily activities as possible.

Home healthcare can cover a large variety of services, and although options are available that help pay for more skilled levels of care, home healthcare can include services such as meal preparation, companionship and homemaking. Other benefits may offer help with paying bills and managing other types of financial transactions.

Additional types of home healthcare that may be covered in the homecare portion of a long-term care insurance plan include assistance with bathing, dressing, toileting and transferring within the insured’s home.

With all the combined benefits of long-term home healthcare insurance, both the insured and his or her family can have peace of mind knowing that these needs are being taken care of.