Skipping on workers’ comp coverage could bear devastating ramifications.

When you’re starting a business, the amount of details needed to construct a solid infrastructure can be overwhelming. At a certain point, fueled by a certain sense of urgency, responsibilities are prioritized; what What Exactly is Workers Compensation Insurance - California Workers Compneeds to be dealt with now? And what can wait? In the midst of an endless stream of critical decisions, it becomes the only way to decipher between the essential and the very-important, but optional.

To ensure that it doesn’t slip into the latter category, we’d like to highlight a couple reasons why workers’ compensation liability insurance needs to be a part of your operation from Day One.

For starters, it’s the law

Workers’ compensation insurance is legally mandated in most states, including California, even if your staff’s comprised of a single employee. Failure to carry it would expose you not only to the expenses that would otherwise be covered—medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation—but to state-issued fines and even jail time.

It’s also a kind of peace of mind

Every business, we’d like to believe, begins with the best intentions. Even if growth comes fast, faster than the best-case-scenario projections anticipated, you’re likely making this leap because you’re harboring a dream to change the world in some meaningful way. And that includes, in part, crafting an ideal work environment, the kind of place you always wanted to work and imagine everyone else wanting to, too.

What employees want, above even a stout coffee and snack bar, is to feel appreciated. And one of the surest ways to display that is by protecting them. In carrying sufficient workers’ comp coverage, you’re ensuring that they’ll be reimbursed for all of their medical expenses, as well as some of their lost wages and the cost of their vocational rehab. It’s the kind of thing that, when it’s not there, becomes a clear indicator that corners are being cut, which erodes confidence and, ultimately, the company itself.

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