Car accidents are relatively common in the United States, especially in metropolitan areas like Greater Los Angeles. The law says you need liability insurance when driving, but there are many benefits to bulking up your auto insurance.

Many take driving for granted; it’s something that isn’t a guaranteed right as it can be dangerous without proper knowledge of cars, the rules of the road and even insurance.

Here are a few reasons to purchase auto insurance.

  • Your car is a source of transportation. Without it, you will have a much more difficult time getting around. Sure, you can try to rely on buses or even trains in bigger cities, but once you’re used to having a car, you come to rely on it. You can get collision insurance or even comprehensive insurance to help business auto insuranceprotect it.
  • Without it, accidents can get extremely expensive. If you don’t have suitable insurance, accidents can be expensive—both for cars and people. Auto insurance often helps pay for medical bills should your accident injure others. You may find yourself in quite a bit of debt without it.
  • You’ll have to pay your car off even if it gets damaged. If your car is wrecked beyond drivability, you’ll still need to pay off the loan. Car insurance can definitely help with that. Missing loan payments can damage your credit and your chances of getting another car soon.
  • It can protect against other damages as well. Car accidents aren’t the only way to damage a car. Auto insurance can help should someone vandalize, steal or break into your car, easing the financial burden you’d otherwise face to fix or replace it.

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