Consider Health Insurance When Traveling Abroad

Your bags are packed, your ticket is purchased and your passport is out on your dresser so you won’t forget it. You keep going over everything in your mind, trying to make sure you have everything you need—but have you thought about health insurance? health insurance for traveling abroad

Because it’s not a tangible object, many international travelers don’t even consider that they might need to purchase travel insurance before they jet off. But you never know when something might go wrong. We’d all love to imagine our vacations filled with adventure and relaxation, but accidents, injuries and sicknesses are always a possibility. If your health insurance plan doesn’t provide international coverage, you will definitely want to look into purchasing short-term travel insurance.

Here are some different types of foreign travel insurance to consider:

  • Leisure: If you’re going on a trip and just want basic international coverage, this is the best option for you. It covers short and long vacations, but is pretty standard in coverage.
  • Business: This can apply to individual employees or to a group. It’s generally recommended for those who travel for business more than once per year. It also has pretty standard coverage, considering business trips are pretty laid back and don’t involve any many adventurous activities.
  • Scholarship: Those who are traveling internationally for educational purposes can get this kind of travel insurance plan. It’s intended for students that are traveling abroad, but is also used for teachers and other staff members as well.
  • Adventure: This is a popular type of foreign coverage. It was created for those who partake in high-risk activities and sports while traveling, like skydiving, bungee jumping and white water rafting. It can also be used for those who are going on safaris.

While the types of travel insurance coverage don’t end there, these are generally the most sought-after kinds. To find out more or purchase your own, consult our professional insurance agents that can present you with various options and explain which suits your needs best. For more information, call Peter Green at (714) 258-2800 or get a free quote online today.