Understanding the Need for Personal Liability Insurance

Personal Liability Insurance is the section of your homeowner’s policy that provides coverage if you or someone else living at your home are legally responsible for the injury to someone else. This coverage normally pays for your legal bills and any damages according to what your insurance company considers appropriate.

This same liability insurance section of your homeowners policy includes medical payments to others. liability insurance This coverage pays for reasonable medical expenses for people accidentally injured on your property.

So, why is this coverage so important? Consider this: An elderly guest at your house loses her balance and falls down your flight of steps, breaking her hip. Or, your neighbor’s child is injured while playing at your home and ends up with a concussion.

In either of these situations, without personal liability insurance, you could be held responsible for the damages caused. This means you could ultimately be required to pay for your houseguest’s medical costs and your legal fees if you are sued.  These costs are often substantial, greatly exceeding the fee for this liability insurance.

Note, though, that the insurance does not apply to your own medical coverage, or anyone else’s living under your roof. It is not a substitute for health insurance. Business activities are also excluded.

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