Many healthEmergency Medical Insurance insurance policies don’t cover health problems when policyholders travel internationally.

Now that we are in a new year, thousands of people across the nation will take to the air or the roads to visit family or simply take some much-needed vacation time.

For most people, travel sparks good times and relaxation. But those who travel outside of the U.S. could find themselves without medical coverage. And if an unexpected illness or accident were to occur, it could mean big expenses.

Many health insurance policies don’t cover health problems when policyholders travel internationally. Therefore, traveler and emergency insurance can be a great help should an accident happen or sickness occur while in a foreign country.

There are a variety of different traveler insurance policies. One popular plan is a medical travel plan. These types of policies will cover an insured solely when a medical need arises. These plans are priced based on the policyholder’s age as well as the types of medical limits that the insured selects on the application for coverage. Some of these policies will cover the policyholder for up to one year – so even in extended situations, an insured could be covered.

Another popular type of insurance policy for foreign travelers is the package insurance plan. These policies are more comprehensive than the basic medical plans and will typically help with more than just the medical needs of the policyholder.

For instance, many of these plans offer 24-hour emergency hotlines where the insured can receive assistance with lost passports or luggage, money transfers, and even legal issues in certain cases.

The premiums for a package travel insurance policy are usually based on the age of the applicant as well as the estimated cost and length of the trip.

When planning a foreign trip, traveler insurance should be a consideration, as medical and emergency issues can and do arise.

The cost of the premium for such insurance plans may be a small price to pay in relation to the coverage that could be received in case  a foreign travel health and emergency situation arises.