Cyber crime insurance has become one of the most sought after forms of business insurance today and with good reason. Cyber crime is on the way up. It has been linked to a variety of situations at retailers, banks, and even the credit bureaus themselves. No matter the size of your company or the type of business you do, it is critical to have ample data breech insurance in place. However, going beyond insurance protection, what else can you do to reduce your risks?

Tips for Improving Cyber Security


You do not have to have an endless budget to be able to put in place good cyber security measures. These tips can help you reduce the number of claims you’ll file.

  • Ensure that your software is updated routinely. Make sure you are using security solutions from a trusted company and one that is still very active in the industry. You’ll want to upgrade your security California Cyber Website Crimesolutions routinely.
  • Teach your employees how to spot risks. Do not allow them to use your work-related computer systems for personal needs. This reduces some risk.
  • Block access to restricted websites. Put in place a firewall. And, be sure there are internet filters present to prevent employees, hackers, and third parties from getting into your system.
  • Put in place strict password policies. And, while doing so, be sure you’ve put in place policies to change those passwords frequently.
  • Hire a team to help you. Unless this is your area of focus, you’ll benefit from having a third party company look for areas of concern.

Cyber insurance companies can help you, too. Many are aggressive in that they work with you before there is any need to file a claim to shore up areas of security risks. While you should never go without data breach insurance and comprehensive cyber crime insurance, you can keep your costs lower with these types of prevention tools. Unfortunate, this is something you will need to continue to work on month after month to ensure it remains the highest level of protection possible.