Five Easy Ways to Cut Energy Costs

energy-saving lightbulbsAre you looking for easy ways to cut energy costs without the headache, hassle or feeling of deprivation? Following are five ways to dramatically reduce your energy costs without increasing inconvenience.

Time Out: One simple solution is to set the thermostat, water heater and other appliances on a timer. Schedule each to power on at least 30 minutes prior to your arrival or use and then automatically power down when done.

Fan-tastic: Ceiling fans, room fans and even whole house attic fans are a fantastic way to save money without scrimping. Use an attic fan to eliminate heat from the attic before turning on the air, and then combine with a ceiling fan to reduce thermostat settings.

Light Up Your Life: New energy-efficient LED lights are beginning to come down in price. They are cool to the touch and don’t heat up the house like standard bulbs, resulting in even more energy efficiency.

Hang Out More: Summer fun in the sun makes it easy to save money simply by hanging out. Hang out the laundry to cut energy costs by 10% or more. For those who prefer to cut costs without the chores, just hang out with friends over a great barbecue and keep the house cool.

Bite Back: Vampire appliances beware. Consumers are now armed with the means to bite back against constant streams of energy expenditures, thanks to a host of new technology. From basic plug-ins to elaborate breaker-box surge protection and energy-expenditure meters, there is something for every budget.

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