Business Liability Insurance = Risk Management

Insurance is for brick-and-mortar businesses, not your online operation. That was part of the lure, after all; less overhead. You left the suit and the conventional business practices behind so that you could carve your own path. But even if you’re not personally interacting with the public on a daily basis, you still need protection.

Risk management is perhaps one of the most pressing reasons to invest in small business liability insurance.

As long as you’re providing a service, you’re vulnerable to claims of bodily and property damage, as well as judgments stemming from unsatisfied advertising promotions. Even in their mildest forms, they can be liability insurance for small businessesdevastating to a fledgling company. Liability insurance for small businesses shields your assets from being swallowed in the fray. You can be meticulous in how you go about your business, but you can’t control everything.

Simply put, we live in a litigious society, where, if something can go wrong, it’s a certainty that someone, somewhere will find a way to manipulate the system and reap a reward from it. Remember the months of long nights you invested—continue to invest—in your business. You’ve watched your client base and revenue steadily climb. Robust as those numbers are, the more significant figure is one. As in, it would take one claim to undermine everything. You don’t need the stress of constantly toeing the edge. Business liability insurance ensures that you keep moving forward, even as you encounter the occasional, inevitable challenge.

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