One of the most daunting parts of starting a small business is how quickly you can become overwhelmed with all of the insurance products available. You’re probably aware that you need business liability insurance but is that really enough?

What about product liability insurance, professional liability insurance, commercial property insurance, and home-based business insurance? These are just a few of the many insurance products that are available to the small business owner and choosing the right ones requires understanding what risks are faced by your particular business model and how much protection against legal action you need, want, and can afford.

Other insurance products that may apply to your situation include health insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and personal liability insurance (just to name a few).

The best way to identify the risks that your business faces is to consult with one of our licensed insurance professionals. We can help determine exactly what business insurance policies are applicable to your situation and make recommendations that fit within your budget and comfort zone.

We understand that starting a new business venture is stressful enough – choosing your insurance doesn’t have to be. Peter Green Insurance offers a full line of products suited to every type of business to ensure that no matter what happens, your business is protected from catastrophe. We even offer cybercrime insurance to protect your critical business technology assets from hackers and cybercriminals because a data breach can quickly become a very expensive setback.

Give Peter a call at 1-888-725-7776 or Contact Us for more information about the insurance products we offer that are perfect for your small business.

No matter what type of business you are starting, we can make sure you know all the risks as well as the ways to protect against these risks so you can focus on what’s really important – managing and growing your business.