Seven Tips to Boost Swimming Pool Safety

A party is a great way to entertain young and old alike, but it can also increase the risk of personal liability should anyone get injured. Following are seven swimming pool and insurance safety tips to keep you cool and safe this summer:

Verify Your Coverage: Speak to your insurance agent about the total amount of medical and liability coverage you have in the event of an accident or injury. An umbrella policy is an affordable way to provide an additional layer of protection without breaking the bank.

CPR and First Aid: Before hosting a pool party it’s always a good idea to make sure at least one person is properly trained in CPR/first aid.

Secure the Area: Pools should be properly secured with a high fence or enclosure that is locked when not in use. Adult supervision is a must when children are using the pool.

Child and Pet Proof: Installation of a pool alarm can more than pay for itself in reduced anxiety and decreased premiums, but be sure to select the right size and type for maximum protection.

Establish Rules: Pool parties are great fun, but be sure everyone understands what is and isn’t acceptable. Common causes of pool-related injuries include running, diving and intoxication.

Safety First: Keep emergency equipment within reach, including a floatation device and emergency-related phone numbers. Always ask whether people know how to swim, especially children.

Alternatives: Other water hazards include hot tubs, swim spas and even ponds. Maintain the common area and reduce direct access whenever possible to discourage children or pets from gaining access when you are away from home.