If an employee is injured on the job, workers compensation insurance is what allows your business to be able to pay them for the damages. This is an extremely important type of insurance because, since you are liable for the injuries, you need to make sure you are covered.

California law makes workers compensation insurance required, no matter how many employees you have or what their status is.

This type of insurance can be used to cover medical and hospital bills, rehabilitation and even lost wages, if necessary. It is important to provide your employees with a way to get better and return to work if they were injured doing their job.

Why Workers Compensation Insurance Is Important In California

Failing to include workers compensation insurance on your policy is illegal in the state of California and it can result in fines, imprisonment or both. To avoid dealing with legal situations, make sure you do your research and purchase workers comp for your business.

Since some fields are more dangerous than others, workers comp rates can vary greatly depending on the industry you work in. High-risk industries like construction are obviously more expensive than workers comp for office workers.

Other times, workers compensation premiums are based on the company’s history of accidents and injuries. One way to reduce the cost of workers comp is to ensure that your employees are properly trained and that they are following instructions on each and every aspect of the jobs they are completing. This is a pivotal way for a company to keep costs down because those doing things properly typically have fewer accidents.

If you want to find out more about workers compensation insurance and make sure that your business is getting the best deal possible while covering what needs to be covered, consider speaking with an insurance agent. Schedule a consultation with Peter Green at (714) 258-2800 or get a free quote on the web today.