The Enemy Within. Do You Know Who You’re Hosting?

We live in an era in which we’re schooled, constantly, to be on guard in our virtual lives. In one swiftly executed code, a hacker can inflict damage that’s deeply invasive and exponential in its reach. We’re talking Cyber Crime Business Insurancedata breaches of the most magnificent and intimate proportions, thousands of numbers lifted at a time, the very numbers that identify and sustain us.

But as we try to be ever-mindful of an always-looming, anonymous threat, what if our cyber security was compromised from within? What if we were responsible for our own undoing? It’s an ironic, but no less plausible, twist in our disturbing, new reality.

Your site belongs to you, of course. But it also belongs to each and every visitor, no matter how fleeting their experience. They all leave their stamps on it, some more indelible than others. And some more inflammatory. From anonymous (or not-so-anonymous) comments, to paid advertisements to staff-produced editorials, it all opens you up to a slew of potentially lethal accusations: libel, slander, copyright and trademark infringement. Whether you controlled the message or not, you’re ultimately responsible for providing the platform upon which it was disseminated.

Surely a court, any court, would be compassionate to my plight should it come to that, you’re thinking. Defamation is, in fact, a tort (it’s not a crime, but it is a civil wrong) and copyright and trademark infringements are crimes. The question of responsibility is more ambiguous, but only because the relative precedents are still young.

The only true guaranteed defense is cyber liability insurance.

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