Website, Tech and Media Liability Insurance.

Websites aren’t just for technology companies and start-ups. While search engine providers, electronic commerce companies, news groups, software developers and internet access providers all have a web presence, so do many other companies that also design their own websites. Everything from a university to an ice cream parlor is likely to have a website in our modern digital age.

Which kinds of tech insurance should I purchase?

Website insurance itself is the most basic form of technology-related insurance. This kind of insurance can protect against many different things, including unauthorized access to your website—which can be extremely important if you store any personal information like credit card numbers or medical histories—as well as errors or omissions.

Another form of insurance that goes hand-in-hand with website insurance is media liability insurance, which protects actual web content. Content, slogans, logos and even photos are covered under this type of insurance; it even protects against comments made by others on your site. In addition, media liability insurance is useful in cases of copyright infringement, libel and slander, which is crucial for news websites especially. Along with website insurance, this policy is a great way to ensure that your defense fees will be covered should you have to go to court over anything online.

Aside from website and media liability insurance, companies may purchase cyber crime insurance.


This type is intended for specific types of businesses—those that need security for private data and customer cyber crime and website, tech and media insuranceinformation. It can protect companies against hackers, angry employees, security breaches, corrupt data, theft of information, cyber blackmail and lost revenue from a cyber attack or glitch.

While technology is likely a part of your business, there is a big difference between website insurance and cyber crime insurance. To determine which type of tech-related insurance your company might need, consult an insurance broker from Peter Green Insurance. Our professionals can help you decide the ideal coverage for any situation. To find out more or get your questions answered, call Peter Green today at (714) 258-2800.