There are a few different types of insurance that are must haves—and homeowners insurance is a big one.

While many might ask why they need homeowners insurance, the simple answer is that there are many uses and benefits.

There are two different sections to homeowners insurance broken up into different types of coverage.

The first section, which encompasses coverage plans A through D, deals with structural damage, loss of use and loss of property. The second section contains coverage plans E and F, which deal with personal liability and medical issues.

Each section is important for different reasons. Section I can provide the most support in case of damage to your home. The main structure and certain extra structures are protected under certain circumstances—fire, homeowner insurance rates for orange county cacertain types of storms, vandalism, damage due to a vehicle, theft, falling objects and water damage—making it easy to find the money for repairs and restoration should such an event occur. This can be a major weight lifted off of any homeowner’s shoulders, especially if it means not having to find another living situation. If you do have to relocate because of these things, whether permanently or temporarily, some policies help provide money for housing, storage and food as well. Plus you’re sure to get reimbursed for the loss of certain items like jewelry, antiques, artwork or other collectible items.

Section II doesn’t protect your property like Section I does, but it provides an additional benefit—peace of mind. Personal liability insurance and coverage for medical payments to others ensure that anyone hurt while at your home or on your property can seek medical attention. Instead of stressing out over where that money will come from, homeowners can rely on their insurance coverage for injuries and medical damages.

There are many things not included in standard home insurance policies, so it may be beneficial to buy additional types of coverage as well. This is recommended for those who live in areas known for certain natural disasters, like earthquakes or flash floods. You can also purchase additional insurance for high value items, drain back up and business merchandise, should it be stored at your home. These extra types of coverage are beneficial to those who need to personalize their homeowners insurance to cover more specific issues.

Overall, homeowners insurance is a particularly important type of coverage. Just like renters insurance, it basically protects your life. It protects the place that you live, your beloved belongings and the safety of you and the people around you. This can protect homeowners both financially and mentally, eliminating the added stress that arises in the event of emergencies.

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