Reduce Injury Rates with These Tips

While worker compensation claims related to construction or other high-risk jobs often attract the most attention, office workers and others are also prone to chronic long-term injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome and similar types of injuries caused by repetitive movement.  You can lower the cost of claims, reduce insurance rates and protect the health and safety of valuable employees by adopting some of these quick tips designed to fight equipment-related fatigue.

Encourage Frequent Breaks: There’s a very significant difference between employees who waste time and those workers that take a few minutes to refresh and energize their mind and body. Not only does this type of behavior reduce the risk of repetitive injury, but research has also demonstrated that there’s an actual increase in concentration and performance.

Trade Places: Schedule workers in a method that allows for variation throughout the day. Workers engaged in physically exerting, repetitive motion should switch duties every few hours while those trapped behind a desk all day will equally benefit from a change of pace. Provide workers time to run errands or perform other necessary tasks that take them away from the desk several times a day.

Invest in Ergonomic Equipment: Business owners must perform a complete evaluation of property and equipment before allowing employees to provide their own. While it may initially seem like a way to avoid the expense and cost associated with replacing and maintaining equipment, the loss of productivity, income and risk of injury often offsets the gain. Invest in the best machinery, supplies and other ergonomic equipment to encourage greater productivity and reduce the risk of equipment-related fatigue and injury.

Variety is the spice of life, take a fresh look at your business and  maintain lower workers compensation costs.